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Lesson Learned When Teen Reaches For Phone, Crashes Car

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A Michigan teenager is lucky to be alive after a common driving faux pas caused him to crash his car.

The high school senior was driving his mother’s vehicle on Sept. 2 when his cell phone fell from the console.

Matt Reeves, 17, told WXYZ: "It slid under the pedals. I slowed down, took my foot off the gas. I didn't feel like it would be that long to grab it, but when I came up it was too late."

Before he knew it, Reeves collided into an SUV that was waiting to make a turn, reports Little Things.

"I saw the rear end of the black SUV and I just remember hitting it really hard," says Reeves, WXYZ reports.

The SUV driver, who came out of the accident unscathed, happened to be a nurse, and assisted the injured teenager before the ambulance arrived.

The ambulance transported Reeves to a hospital, where doctors treated him for numerous injuries including fractures in his skull, nose, jaw and eye socket, an injured shoulder, a deep gash in his forehead and a severe concussion.

On top of his wounds, authorities cited the teen for careless driving.

It's been more than one month since the accident, and the 17-year-old is still recovering at home.

"I'm pretty good," he says. "I just can't wait for the concussion to be over with. Headaches every day sucks."

Nevertheless, Reeves is grateful to be alive and realizes things could have been much worse. He and his mother are now speaking out against distracted driving.

"I know how close I was to losing him -- over a split second, over a cell phone,” says his mother, Linda, who shared his story on Facebook.

"Let this be a wakeup call to everyone," Linda wrote on Facebook. "Put the damn phones off and in a place you can't be tempted to reach for it. Matt was lucky. This could have had a different outcome."

Now, the high school senior says refuses to touch his phone while driving. Linda hopes his story will caution others about the perils of driving while preoccupied.

She says: "I believe things happen for a reason and something bad, something good's gotta come out of it. And I think it's a strong message."

Sources: WXYZ, Little Things / Photo credit: WXYZ via Little Things

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