Police Surprise Homeless Man With Special Gift (Video)


When Indiana police responded to multiple calls reporting robberies at a Waffle House within a relatively short period of time, they noticed each time they arrived, there was one man who was always in the restaurant (photos and video below).

Officers from the Lawrence Police Department were repeatedly called to a local Waffle House that had been targeted in multiple robberies, says Mad World News. After arriving at the same location several times, they began to notice that one homeless man was always there.

During one visit to the Waffle House, an officer struck up a conversation with the man and bought him breakfast.

"They sat and chatted about life," Police Chief Gary Woodruff said. "The officer found out he lost his home in a fire. He's going through a season of life that's challenging."

Saddened to hear of the man's story, the officer asked if there was anything in particular the man needed. He showed the officer his shoes and said he could use a new pair as his were almost completely destroyed.

"The gentleman told the officer, 'It's winter and it's been really cold. I could really use a new pair of shoes. The problem is, I'm a size 17,'" Woodruff said.

Officers wanted to help the seven-foot-tall man, but had a difficult time finding size 17 shoes, according to Inside Edition. That's when one officer had a bright idea. He called the Indiana Pacers basketball team for advice on shoe shopping for people with large feet.

The officer was surprised by the team's response. He was told that the team wanted to donate a pair of shoes to the man. They sent the department a pair of size 17 shoes that were originally made for player Roy Hibbert.

Once the department had the shoes, the officers went back to the Waffle House and greeted the man with his brand new kicks.

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"It was an emotional moment, according to the officers there," Woodruff said. "There wasn't a dry eye in the place, from the officers to the gentleman."

Chief Woodruff said that the officers who did this for the man requested to remain anonymous.

"They said, 'We're not doing this for any recognition. We're doing this because it's the right thing to do,'" the chief said.

Sources: Mad World News, Inside Edition / YouTube / Photo credit: Inside Edition / YouTube

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