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Did An Entertainer's Pranks Against His Girlfriend Go 'Too Far'? (Video)

Australian celebrity Shammi sparked controversy after sharing a video (below) online in which he pushes his model girlfriend, Sarah Reay-Young, into a river as a part of a series of pranks.

"This is way too far the make-up thing was ok, but pushing her over?" one Facebook user wrote, according to the Daily Mail. "She could get seriously hurt, you're meant to protect your girlfriend."

"Mate if I was your girlfriend I would leave you!" another person commented. "This is so disrespectful, especially in public! It's just too far! Like why do you need to push her?"

In the video, titled "How To Impress Your Girlfriend," Shammi repeatedly pranks his girlfriend, smashing eggs and ice cream into her face and shoving her into a group of strangers at a park. 

"This is a nice one babe I swear," Shammi says before puling one of the pranks. "I just want to let you know how gorgeous you look today."

Shammi also shoves his girlfriend into a garden after asking: "Why the f*** have you got work boots on babe? Go do some gardening."

Finally, he pranks her by throwing her into a river.

The couple, however, insists it's all just for fun and not to meant to be disrespectful at all.

"Such a gentleman isn't he, thanks bae, love you," Reay-Young wrote on her Facebook page. "It's all fun and games people... besides wait until its his turn, pay backs a b***h, love you babe."

"Haha you're the best...Bring it on," Shammi replied. 

Still, even after their remarks, many still felt uncomfortable with the pranks.

"Real banter is words, not physical abuse to either person," one user wrote in response to the couple's comments.

"Way too far," another Facebook user wrote. "One day you will seriously hurt her if she smacks her face against the floor, pavement, glass windows in the car etc...She is your girlfriend. Treat her with respect."

"If any guy did this to my daughter he would regret it," she added.

Sources: The Daily Mail , Shammi's Facebook Page, Sarah Reay Young's Facebook Page / Photo Credit: The Daily Mail 

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