Watch What Happens When Woman Finds Her Husband With Mistress (Video)


A furious wife brought traffic to a standstill after she caught her husband driving around town with his lover (video below).

The wife, identified as Adalia Brinez, stood directly in front of Luis Alberto Diaz’s car after she saw him with his mistress, reports.

“Get that tramp out of the car,” Brinez says in video footage of the event.

Brinez then repeatedly bangs her fists against the hood of the car. As her demands become louder, she attracts attention from people nearby and from passengers in a stopped bus.

“Yes, get that dog out,” the passengers said.

One witness hands Brinez a rolling pin and urges her to smash it against the window. Instead, she lays it on the hood of the car and hits the glass with a smaller stick.

Police eventually show up at the scene, which reportedly took place in Columbia. By that time, traffic had come to a standstill and horns were blaring.

At first, officers seem confused as to what to do. Finally, an officer removes the rolling pin and restores some order to the situation.

Diaz finally emerges from the car as he explains to the officer what happened. At the same time, police escort Diaz’s mistress away from the scene, although Brinez attempts to pull her hair. 

The video, which was uploaded on Jan. 1, has been viewed over 600,000 times as of Jan. 5.

Sources: Elite Daily, / Photo Credit: Adalia Brinez/Facebook via, Video Screenshot

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