U.K. Road Rage Incident Recorded With Dash Cam (Video)

Traffic jams are among the most frustrating things drivers experience on the roadways. But perhaps more frustrating than sitting in slow moving traffic, is the occasional selfish driver who tries to jump ahead of everyone else by traveling in a soon-to-be-closed lane or on a highway shoulder. 

One such driver got caught pulling that stunt recently and video of the incident (shown below), captured with a dashboard-mounted camera, shows how another driver dealt with him by blocking his path. 

The Liverpool Echo reports the incident occurred recently on the M58 freeway outside of Liverpool, England. 

The video opens showing a line of cars sitting in slow moving traffic while a handful of cars speed by on the left. 

Apparently fed up with the line jumpers, the driver of a silver Renault leaves the righthand lane and blocks a Mercedes that was trying to pass everyone on the left. 

“Good for you son,” the man in the car recording the footage can be heard saying in response to the Renault driver's move.

The Mercedes driver, not to be deterred, attempts to pass further on the left by driving on the shoulder, but the Renault blocks him again. The Mercedes driver then tries to move right but is blocked again. 

The cars go on like this for some time, zig-zagging their way down the freeway, until they stop and the two drivers can be seen exchanging words. 

“Brilliant footage. Brilliant!” the man in the car with the dash cam declares at about the midway point of the video. 

The Renault driver then continues on, keeping the Mercedes behind him until the two cars eventually merge into the single lane. 

As the Mirror reports, the video was originally posted to the YouTube channel LancashireDashcam. 

The creator of that channel calls it a “monthly blog of all the bad driving that I capture in England.”

“I live in the northwest of England, and since installing a dash cam in July 2014, I have shared my captures with the world,” the creator says in the channel’s “about” section. 

While many YouTube viewers praised the Renault driver’s actions, others pointed out he might have actually been breaking the law or, at the very least, causing traffic to move slower. 

“There is a great system called 'MERGE IN TURN' which nobody seems to understand,” wrote YouTube user DashcamDundee. “Use both lanes right up until the first cone and merge. one car from the left lane, then one from the right and so on. Traffic moves much quicker as a result & the queue is spread between using the whole road.”

“The idiot is in the Renault,” wrote user OzarK. “There is something called ZIP MERGE.Aaaaand you can get a fine for blocking the traffic.”

According to a time stamp on the footage, the video was recorded Sunday. The original posting on YouTube has been viewed over 4,000 times since it was published Monday. 

Sources: Liverpool EchoMirrorYouTube: LancshireDashcam / Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube: LancshireDashcam


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