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Emotional Gum Commercial Goes Viral (Video)


An Extra gum commercial (shown below) portraying a couple’s heartwarming relationship went viral. 

In the video, set to a version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” a young couple meets for the first time, and they share Extra gum. As the clip plays, their story continues through their first kiss and the moment they fall in love. 

Through every significant moment in the relationship, the man in the relationship can be seen writing on gum wrappers. It is later revealed while proposing to his girlfriend that he has been drawing illustrations of every memorable moment in the relationship.

“Did I really just cry over a gum ad?” one viewer wrote on Twitter, according to Buzzfeed.

“That stupid Extra gum commercial with two people falling in love got me all teared up this morning with the feels,” another added.

Watch the touching commercial below.

Sources: Buzzfeed, YouTube / Photo credit:


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