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Ellen DeGeneres' Parody Of Nicki Minaj Causes Outrage (Video)

A parody of rapper Nicki Minaj that aired on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Oct. 12 is causing outrage on the Internet (video below).

ABC Family recently announced it was going to air a new sitcom based on the life of Minaj with the singer as the executive producer, reported Variety.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres introduced a parody sneak peek of the show, which featured black actors with exceptionally large rear ends, which was a play on Minaj, who often displays her butt in videos and other promotional efforts, notes an outraged Gawker article.

The same type of big butt parody was done on the African-American TV variety series "In Living Color" for years, but many on Twitter are calling the Minaj parody on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" racist:

"Ellen DeGeneres disappointed me w/ that Nicki Minaj skit. It was lazy and tasteless at best. Racist & a modern day minstrel show at worst."

"#EllenDeGeneres' new #NickiMinaj parody has viewers calling her out for racism! Do you agree?"

"who get's to choose what's normal and what's subject to ridicule? You? #blackbodiesarebeautiful"

Sources: Variety, Gawker, Twitter (2) (3) / Photo credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show Screenshot


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