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Elephant Sold Into Thai Tourism Has Heartwarming Reunion With Mother (Video)

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A baby elephant that was taken from its mother in 2011 had a heartwarming reunion (video below) thanks to Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park.

The elephant, named Me Bai, was taken from its mother’s side and sold into Thailand’s tourism trade several years ago. Me-Bai was set free after becoming to weak from the stress of carrying tourists. She was sent to the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand. 

Though at first Me Bai was nervous and fearful of the people around her, she “quickly learned that her new caretakers had no intention of abusing her in any way,” the park’s blog reported.

Park employees soon began a search for the elephant’s mother, Mae Yui, and subsequently made a three-day trip to her village to stage a reunion between the two. The two reunited on April 3, and park officials are reportedly working to introduce them back into their natural habitat.

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Watch footage of the reunion below.

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Photo Credit: Elephant Nature Park via BuzzFeed


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