Elderly White Man Pays For Black Stranger's Groceries


On July 20, comedian Sampson McCormick shared a story on social media which has since gone viral.

McCormick posted a story about an elderly man he met in a supermarket check-out line. The two hit it off when the man began talking about race relations in the United States, according to The Huffington Post.

The man, whom McCormick has called Mr. Samuel, reportedly offered to pay for McCormick's groceries after "apologizing for racism and police brutality in this country."

The comedian was moved by Mr. Samuel's kindness and generosity toward him, so he shared the story on Facebook and accompanied it with a picture, reports WTXF.

"[It was] just a random moment of solidarity and love that made my day," McCormick wrote.

"He handed me the receipt, gave me a fist bump and said 'black lives do matter.'"

McCormick told The Post that he hopes the story will serve as an inspiration to people in a time of division and anger.

"Love does exist in the world. It’s really important for us to come together and, however we can, extend acts of love toward one another because we really do need more love in the world."

He added that Mr. Samuel addressed the importance of unity during their conversation.

"He was like, 'If we all came together I think we would live in a better world and ... I realize that I’m white and I realize I don’t have to deal with things that people of color have to deal with.' He put his hand on mine and said, 'Let me do you a favor, just an act of love, and let me pay for your groceries.'"

Sources: Huffington Post, WTXF / Photo credit: Sampson McCormick/Facebook

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