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Elderly Man Dies While Having Sex With Prostitute, Is Wheeled Away With Woman Still Attached


Footage of a prostitute still attached to the genitals of an elderly man who died while having sex has been leaked online.

The unsettling video shows first responders moving the elderly man’s dead body on a stretcher, with the prostitute still on top, out of a building.

While the precise location is unknown, it is believed that the event took place somewhere in China, reports Daily Mail.

The video first emerged on Chinese video sharing app ‘Miaopai’, before it was later uploaded to LiveLeak, and ultimately to YouTube.

The woman appears to be moving while concealed under a blanket with the old man still attached, as a horrified crowd of people watch.

It’s assumed that the pair are taken to the hospital to be surgically detached before the elderly man can be brought to the mortuary.

Although rare, dying while having sexual intercourse can happen if a sudden cardiovascular attack occurs – which is more common among males.

“Penis captivus” happens when the vagina muscles clamp down on the penis with such a strong grip that it gets stuck.

“The muscles of the woman's pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged,” Dr. John Dean, a U.K.-based sexual physician, told BBC via Daily Mail.

Dean said that several of his patients have talked about their experience of getting “stuck” – not because it was a problem, but out of curiosity.

If the genitals are seriously lodged together, doctors can detach the couple by injecting the woman with a substance normally used to dilate the uterus during childbirth.

It is unknown what happened to the purported prostitute and if she was later separated from the man, according to Daily Mail.

Some Chinese news sources say the clip may not be real and that the moving object under the blanket is just a jacket.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC, YouTube / Photo credit: Liveleak screenshot via Daily Mail

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