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'Slammed Her And Tackled Her': Elderly Couple, Cab Driver Fight On Brooklyn Bridge (Video)

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An elderly couple was caught on video (below) brawling with a cab driver over lane merging on the Brooklyn Bridge.

In the video, an elderly woman with a cane is seen getting out of her car and confronting a cab driver who’d just reportedly thrown a can at her vehicle. The aggressive move came after a dispute over lane merging, according to the NY Daily News.

The taxi driver then tackles the woman to the ground.

“She looked like she was trying to attack the car. He disabled her, then slammed her and tackled her,” witness Marc Freund told the NY Daily News.

Another driver quickly approaches the scene and punches the cab driver in the woman’s defense. An elderly man is then seen getting out of the same car the woman was in and approaching the taxi driver. He begins to beat the driver as witnesses gather around him — some joining in the fight. 

“He's throwing punches like Floyd Mayweather Jr. He’s just pummeling the guy” Freund said. 

According to reports, both drivers left the scene before police arrived. 

Watch the intense incident below.

Sources: New York Daily News, YouTube

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