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Elderly Couple Leaves Adorable Note For Man Who Left His Wallet At Starbucks (Photos)

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An elderly couple wrote an adorable note for a man who left his wallet at a Starbucks, simultaneously proving that genuinely good people truly do still exist in the world.

Starbucks customer Kara posted a photo on Instagram of the note, which was posted on a bulletin board at her local Starbucks in Los Angeles. “Just when you thought kindness was dead,” Kara wrote in a caption alongside the photo. “Frances, you are a gem.”

The note, written by an elderly woman on behalf of her and her husband, explains that they witnessed a man named David leaving behind his wallet after buying coffee, but weren’t able to walk fast enough to catch up with him.

“My name is Frances and my husband and I found your wallet at Starbucks. We tried to catch up with you when we noticed you left it behind. We are older and could not catch up,” the note read. “Please excuse this impersonal typed note but our arthritis is very bad and [we] can not write very well anymore. We noted you were very upset when you left the store. We hope you are oak and the return of the wallet is helpful. We do not want a reward so have not included our address.”

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David penned a handwritten response underneath the typed message, expressing his gratitude towards the couple and wanting to thank them their honesty and kindness. “If you wrote this please contact the manager on duty. I would like to thank you personally!” David wrote.

Kara was certainly right – Frances is a gem.

Source: Consumerist, Instagram / Photo Credit: Steve Mays via Flicker, Consumerist 


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