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Watch: Elderly Couple Share Adorable Moment Together At Restaurant (Video)

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A video of an endearing moment shared by an elderly couple on a date at a restaurant has gone viral.

The brief video clip (below) shows an elderly man blowing a straw wrapper at his wife while the two are seated in a restaurant booth.

He then shows his wife how to do it so that she could get back at him.

The woman successfully blows her straw wrapper at her husband, and the two share a laugh. Music from the restaurant's loudspeakers plays in the background during the clip.

The 39-second video was reportedly filmed by a woman who happened to be at a table near the couple, according to The Daily Mail. It is not clear where the restaurant was located.

After the woman uploaded the video to Facebook, it quickly went viral.

A YouTube video of the sweet moment posted on Nov. 9 has received more than 37,000 views in less than two weeks.

"This is how i want to become old," one Facebook poster commented in response to the video.

"That is 100 percent unfiltered and pure relationship goals right there," Elite Daily wrote about the moment. 

Sources: Elite Daily, The Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via The Daily Mail

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