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EBay Seller Realizes He's Selling XBox To Navy Pilot, Does Something Amazing


An eBay buyer got an incredible surprise after he bought an XBox and the seller found out he was a Navy pilot, BroBible reports.

The seller, Jeff from Columbus, Ohio, wrote the buyer an email that seemed at first to simply explain a change in the method of shipping. But as he continued, he told the buyer, named Alan, he no longer wanted his money.

"I noticed you were in Annapolis and likely a midshipman at the Naval Academy. So cool!" Jeff wrote. "I always wanted to be a pilot but couldn't because of a heart condition. I wound up putting everything I have into being an entrepreneur instead. Enough rambling — I'm giving you your money back. Keep the Xbox and go destroy some ISIS (Islamic State group) bad guys in between COD (Call of Duty) map changes. Thank you for your service!"

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Would you do what Jeff did if you found out you were selling something to someone in the Navy?

Source: BroBible

Photo Credit: BroBible, Wikimedia Commons


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