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Earthquake Hits Oklahoma City During Live TV Newscast (Video)

An Oklahoma City TV station was shaken on Jan. 1 when a 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit during a live newscast just after 5:30 a.m. (video below).

Two KFOR news anchors mentioned that the earthquake was big and that the studio lights were shaking.

The quake's epicenter was in Edmond, just north of Oklahoma City, the same site as a 4.3 quake earlier in the week, notes the news station's website.

There have been a series of quakes in the area that have caused state regulators to call for more restrictions on oil and natural gas companies that use fracking, the high-pressure pumping of salty wastewater into the earth for drilling purposes, according to The Associated Press.

There were only a few dozen earthquakes in 2012 compared to more than 800 in 2015.

Sources: KFOR, The Associated Press via WIBW / Photo Credit: KFOR Screenshot

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