Duggars Take On 20th Child, May Adopt

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who have 19 children of their own, got temporary guardianship of an 8-year-old boy on Aug. 31.

According to In Touch Weekly, court documents from Benton County, Arkansas, show that the boy's mother is Rachel Hutchins, who is Michelle’s 23-year-old niece.

Hutchins is reportedly homeless, unemployed and on probation because of felony charges from April. She allegedly broke into a tow truck company in Springdale and stole a pocket knife and $2.

The guardianship granted to the Duggars is temporary, but they are reportedly seeking to make it permanent when they return to court on Nov. 14.

"There’s a strong hope that once that happens they will be able to adopt him," an unidentified source told the magazine.

"[Hutchins] gave up custody of her son [in August 2015] to her mother, Michelle’s sister Carolyn. But in July, Carolyn suffered a stroke," the source added.

Hutchins reportedly signed the court papers to give the Duggars temporary guardianship. The famous reality show couple plans to keep the boy off the family's new TV show, "Counting On."

On the Sept. 13 episode of "Counting On," the Duggars traveled with their daughter, Jinger, to Laredo, Texas, to meet Jeremy Vuolo, the man whom Jinger is in a courtship with, reports Us Weekly.

During the visit, Jinger, who is a legal adult, reportedly broke the family rules regarding physical contact with Vuolo by snuggling with him on a sofa; Vuolo had his arm around her shoulders.

Fans of the show know that only brief side-hugs are allowed for these young adults.

When asked by the show's producer about the rule violation, Jinger replied, "Jeremy and I have set our own rules for the courtship, and our own standards that we desire."

For his part, Vuolo asserted that he was not aware of the courtship rules, but cited the intention and goal behind the rules.

Jinger has signaled before that she doesn't intend on following her parents' courting rules, which she helped enforce while her sisters, Jessa and Jill, were being courted.

Sources: In Touch Weekly, Us Weekly / Photo credit: TLC Media Handout via @Cinefille

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