Customer Films Dry Cleaner's 'Racist' Rant At Atlanta Store (Video)


A heated exchange between a store owner and a customer was caught on film by the customer and is now going viral (video below).

Andy Foster was so surprised by the way the owner of Ben Hill Custom Cleaners in Atlanta treated him that he felt compelled to film the interaction. 

“When he said ‘you people’ I stopped in my tracks cause I didn’t believe I heard what I really heard,” Foster told WTOC. That’s when he pulled out his camera. 

In the video, the owner of the dry cleaning business, Amin Chaudry, openly admits to being prejudiced and tells Foster, a black man, that black people are “more prejudiced than anyone else.” 

Foster tells the business owner, “You shouldn’t be prejudice in a black neighborhood,” to which Chaudry replies, “You motherf------- are more racist than anybody.”

At the end of the video, Foster tells Chaudry he is being filmed and the dry cleaner tells him to “send it to Obama” before shutting the blinds on Foster.

Chaudry later told WTOC that Foster was “not an angel” and that he said some prejudiced things himself, which Foster denied.

Chaudry apologized for his behavior.

Sources: WTOCYouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via WTOC 

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