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Drunken Teens' Attempt To Slide Off Side Of Building Doesn't Go As Planned (Video)

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Two Ukrainian teens decided it would be a good idea to get drunk and slide off the side of a building. They just didn’t think about what would happen when they got to the bottom.

The teens were captured on video sliding down the side of a glass building, identified as an SEC “globe” shopping center, reportedly intoxicated. When they got to the bottom of the building, both teens positioned themselves to drop off and land on the ground.

One of the teens was able to maneuver himself well enough to land on his feet, clearing a set of large steps, but the second young man wasn’t so lucky. He fell directly onto the steps, crushing his legs before bouncing and finally making a violent landing on his back.

The person filming rushed to the injured teen’s side to find him seriously injured and seemingly unconscious. According to LiveLeak, the teen – identified as 17-year-old Jacob Simonenko P – suffered injuries to his head, neck and back.

“These guys were drunk. Fooling around at the top and were not going to jump, but my friends encouraged them to do it,” witness Pavel Yaremenko said. “In the end they succumbed to peer pressure and slided down. They seem to have underestimated the speed.”

Watch the dangerous stunt below.

Sources: LiveLeak, YouTube

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