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Drunk Man Proposes But Forgets Answer, Now Asking For Help (Photos)

A German man was so drunk when he proposed to his girlfriend, he cannot remember whether or not she said yes -- and his partner refuses to tell him.

Now the confused man has taken out an advertisement, hoping strangers who witnessed the proposal will remind him whether or not he is due to marry, the Daily Mail reports.

"In search of witnesses," the ad, originally written in German but translated by the Daily Mail into English, reads. "I proposed to my girlfriend at 4.30 am on September 24th at Friedrich-Ebert Str / Annennstr. Due to a large consumption of alcohol, I cannot remember her answer and she's remaining silent. Who saw the proposal and can give me relevant clues?"

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Since then, the man's ad has taken the internet by storm, shared and liked by many.

As of yet, the man has not revealed whether or not he knows if he is engaged or not.

A California couple who recently tied the knot also captured national attention in September for an embarrassing alcohol-induced moment.

The couple is now suing a wedding videographer after a video of the drunk groom "performing a series of sexually suggestive and other inappropriate acts" went viral.

At first they found the clip funny, although they made sure to keep it private, locking it up in their home.

"It got a little messy and he fell down a few times," the bride, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said. "My husband joked that we’d renew our vows in a couple years and he’d make it up to me and, you know."

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Yet they were horrified when it was leaked onto YouTube, where the bride said she received comments from people "ridiculing and personally criticizing" her.

"A friend of my husband's in Ireland -- who wasn’t even at the wedding -- saw the video online," she said. "It then went viral. Within a few days it was up to like two million views."

"He’s (the videographer) made a joke of our wedding day,” the bride added. “That’s my face, and you’re in charge of the footage. And you’re putting it online. You’re going to be held accountable."

Sources: Daily Mail (2)/Photo Credit: Daily Mail (2) andRGaudin/Wikimedia Commons

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