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Drunk Girl Wanders Into Man's Apartment, His Reaction Is Amazing (Photos)


A drunk woman stumbled into a stranger’s apartment, only to be treated like a welcomed guest and given a place to stay.

Cory Rindone shared his story with BroBible on their Facebook, explaining that he and his friends live in an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina, and they recently had an unexpected guest.

“My roommate was sitting on the couch last night at about 1 AM when the door randomly opened and an incoherent drunk girl came stumbling into our apartment," Rindone wrote in the Nov. 21 Facebook post. "Mind you, we are in our mid-twenties and do not live in a college town. We live in a decent Charlotte, NC apartment complex about a 10 minute drive from downtown."

Though Rindone said he was used to young, drunk people at the complex, this situation was far from the norm.

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(Picture of drunk girl asleep on a couch in Cory Rindone's apartment. Photo Credit: Cory Rindone/BroBible Facebook page)

He went on to explain that his roommate told the woman she was in the wrong place, but she didn’t respond to him and instead began taking of her shoes and getting comfortable on the couch.

Just after the woman laid down on his couch, Rindone walked in the door and realized what was going on. The woman then grabbed a blanket and proceeded to drift off to sleep. 

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(Post-it note that Cory Rindone and his roommates left for the girl who fell asleep on their couch. Photo Credit: Cory Rindone/BroBible Facebook page)

“Being the kind-hearted Bros that we are, we let her sleep it off and put a note on her pillow to give her an idea of what she had done the night before, with the simple request of not burglarizing our home, along with a glass of water to start her on her journey when she awoke,” he wrote.

"Good morning?" the post-it note reads. "We have no idea who you are. You wandered in here last night. Please don't rob us. Get home safe."

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(Text message one roommate wrote to another, telling him about the random girl who fell asleep on their couch. Photo Credit: Cory Rindone/BroBible Facebook page)

“We definitely got a good laugh out of it and the story will most certainly be passed down to future generations, but let that be a lesson to any future Bros in a similar situation: we’ve all been there," Rindone added. "A simple act of kindness can go a long way. She could’ve stumbled into a much worse situation.”

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(A bottle of water that the roommates left for the girl on the couch. A post-it on the bottle reads, 'You will need this. H2O.' Photo Credit: Cory Rindone/BroBible Facebook page)

An update revealed that the woman had left the apartment by 6 a.m. — having consumed half of the water the roommates put out for her.

It's a good thing too, considering alcohol severely dehydrates the body, according to Time magazine. This is why drinking water was listed as one of the magazine's top 10 hangover cures.

Sources: Cory Rindone/BroBible Facebook page, TIME / Photo Credit: Cory Rindone/BroBible Facebook page

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