Drone That Crashed Into Sea Captures Stunning Footage Of Underwater Life (Video)


A man in Western Australia accidentally captured incredible footage of underwater life when his drone crashed into the sea.

The man, who posted video of the footage on Youtube, was flying his drone over the Osprey Bay Cape Range National Park and capturing footage of the flight.

A few minutes into the video, he began to become disoriented by the glare of the sun, and the drone soon crashed into the sea. “A sunny afternoon flying my electric powered plane ends in disaster when I become disorientated from the glare from the sun,” the man wrote.

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With the attached GoPro camera still recording, the drone captured amazing scenes of fish, sea turtles and other underwater life swimming by.

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The footage has received over 300,000 views so far.

Sources: The Blaze, Youtube / Photo Credit: theblaze.com


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