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Photo Of Man Strapped To Back Of Car Goes Viral (Video)

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A picture of a man reportedly strapped to the back of a car driving down a New Mexico highway has left many scratching their heads (video below).

The photo features what appears to be a man in a wheelchair hanging off the back of a car. It’s been suggested that the elderly man couldn’t ride his motorcycle, so his friends took him for a joy ride, according to KOB 4.

“I get that type of humor,” New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas said. “That’s just right down my alley."

"Would it make the top three of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen?" he added. "I would say yes, most definitely.”

 The picture was posted online on March 23 and soon went viral.

“My hope is that this person is traveling through New Mexico, and not from our great state,” Kassetas said.

Kassetas said he can’t believe the photo is of an actual man and that it must be a trick of the eye.

It turns out Kassetas was right. The man who took the picture reached out to news outlets after the photo went viral and explained the situation, KRQE reports. According to Adam Esquibel, he snapped the photo on March 18 while driving on the I-40 eastbound near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He said he too thought there was a person or body strapped to the back of the car at first. However, Esquibel soon realized that the tarp covering the electric wheelchair and rack holding it in place only looked like a person from a certain angle. He decided to take a photo of the car and post it to Snapchat. He then later posted it to Facebook.

"I think it's funny, because just driving on the side, I know it's not real, but the angle I took it looks pretty real," Esquibel told KRQE.

"Take it easy, it's a joke, you know," he added.

Sources: KOB 7, KRQE News 13 / Photo Credit: KOB 7

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