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Street Shut Down After Driverless Car Does Reverse Doughnuts (Video)

A driverless car with its hood up was caught on video (below) going in backward circles on a residential street in Moreno Valley, California, on Jan. 12.

Tommy Anderson, a local resident, filmed the car on his cellphone and posted the video on Facebook with the caption: "When I arrived on scene the owner [of] the car was on the roof of the car holding on and attempting to jump inside the car to stop it."

Police ended up closing down the street on both ends and used a spike strip to stop the out-of-control Honda Accord.

“I was actually kinda worried about the officers," Anderson told CBS Los Angeles. "They were getting pretty close to the car and, who knows, it’s a driverless car, you never know which direction that thing may go."

Fortunately, no one was injured, and the car's owner had his vehicle towed away.

The car's driver told police that the problem was probably a mechanical issue.

Meanwhile, Anderson's video has gone viral on Facebook.

"Last time I checked, [it had] over 16,000 views, 400 likes and 300 shares," Anderson said. "It's crazy."

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, Tommy Anderson/Facebook / Photo Credit: Tommy Anderson/Facebook Screenshot

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