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Driver Receives Speeding Ticket With Photo Of Car On Tow Truck (Photos)

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A driver was penalized for speeding while their car was on a tow truck.

The driver posted a photo of the ticket to Reddit which showed the car sitting on top of a tow truck while the truck was driving. 

“Got hit while at a red light, and had my car towed. 4 weeks later I get a speeding ticket in the mail,” the caption read.

Cameras apparently detected a speeding vehicle, but misinterpreted the driver’s damaged car as the culprit rather than the truck that was carrying it.

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In response to the bizarre ticket, many viewers began recounting their own frustrating ticket stories.

"I got a ticket for 'riding my motorcycle in the wrong lane' on some bridge in the Bay Area. Funny thing is I hadnt lived in California for two years, when I did I lived in Southern California, and at the time of the ticket I still had possession of my bike," Redditor crs8975 wrote. "I called.....she zoomed in on the picture and then said "oh yes, that is not your license plate." How often does this s--- happen?!?"

“Reminds me of when my dad got ticketed for parking too far away from the curb. Never mind the curb was buried under a snowpile six feet high and at least ten feet wide due to a snowstorm,” Redditor mysteresc wrote. “He took a picture of the scene and brought it to the town clerk's office. When he got to the counter he put the picture next to the ticket and said 'find the curb.' The clerk took one look and voided the ticket.”

Sources: Reddit, Imgur / Photo credit: Imgur


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