Driver Goes On Road Rage Against Photographer (Video)


A road rage incident occurred July 9 on a public road in Ramona, California, between an SUV driver and a photographer who filmed the incident (video below).

San Diego County Sheriff’s Sgt. Rob Samuels said that Mark Gordon was arrested on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor vandalism, notes the Ramona Sentinel.

Alex Stone, the photographer, was taking pictures of a car on the side of the road when Gordon allegedly pulled up in his SUV and cursed at Stone.

"Why don’t you go f------ take pictures of your own f------- street?" the driver said to Stone, notes Raw Story.

Stone told the driver that he and his friends would be leaving shortly. The SUV driver backed up, turned around, then gunned it toward Stone, stopping before hitting him.

"Do you understand, you're on my f------- driveway!" the driver shouted. "Move your s---!"

The SUV roared off, turned around and came speeding toward Stone again, but stopped just in time.

"Get out my f---- driveway!" the driver yelled. "My f------ driveway, do you not understand that d--- head? This is my f----- driveway. Get the f--- off my driveway!"

Stone informed the driver that he was on a road, and the driver fired back, "No, this is not a f---- road. This is my f---- driveway!"

Samuels stated:

In the video, [Gordon] can be seen intentionally driving his vehicle twice at Stone who was able to jump out of the way to avoid being struck.

Gordon eventually exited the vehicle and physically assaulted Stone and an acquaintance.

During the assault, Gordon knocked Stone’s cellphone from his hand causing damage to the phone. No injuries were sustained by anyone involved and all parties left the scene.

Stone uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook, where it went viral, and also gave a copy to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office on July 10, which led to the arrest of Gordon that day.

Gordon was subsequently booked at the San Diego Central Jail on a $30,000 bail, which he reportedly posted.


Sources: Ramona SentinelRaw Story / Photo credit: evoalex/YouTube

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