Driver Reacts Angrily To Double-Parked Car (Video)


Footage of an extreme example of parking rage has gone viral (video below).

Parking garage surveillance camera footage shows a frustrated driver taking extreme measures to fit his pickup truck into a parking spot.

When the pickup truck driver realizes that he can't fit into a parking spot because the car next to the spot is parked just over the yellow line, he lets his rage get the best of him and does something drastic: he backs into the other car to move it out of the way.

After the driver gets back into his truck upon realizing how far over the neighboring car is in the spot, he furiously backs the truck into the other car, destroying a headlight and slamming the car into the wall next to its parking spot. 

Immediately after crashing into the car, the pickup truck driver parks in the spot next to the car he badly damaged and leaves the garage.

The video was shared on Reddit with the caption, "Okay maybe - MAYBE this is a slight overreaction to double parking."

"A person has to be either crazy or have some serious anger issues to even get to that point," one Reddit user commented. "I won't say I haven't been tempted to use extreme means in cases like this, but to step over that line (no pun intended) requires a disconnect from reality that most people are just not capable of."

Sources: instajustice/YouTube, PantsHasPockets/Reddit / Photo credit: instajustice/YouTube

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