Watch: Road Rage-Fueled Driver Ends Up In A Ditch (Video)


Video (below) of a road rage incident gone wrong in South Africa is going viral.

A driver on the highway in Durban, South Africa, captured the moment on a dashboard camera. According to the title of the video on YouTube, the incident occurred on Jan. 22.

It is not clear what may have happened before the video began, but in the video, a frustrated BMW driver makes a dangerous move and ends up getting a serving of instant karma.

The BMW driver waits to merge one lane over to the left as the smaller car next to him or her also seems to be waiting to move one lane over. Apparently, the driver of the smaller car was taking too long, and the BMW driver had gotten fed up. 

The BMW moves into the lane to the left, nearly crashing into the smaller car, possibly to scare or hit the other driver. However, the smaller car dodges the hit and the BMW driver overcorrects, ultimately ending up in a ditch on the side of the highway.

Fortunately, it seems that nobody was injured in the incident. 

Be careful out there, drivers!

Sources: MashableIvan Leon/YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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