Driver Crashes $1M Porsche While Showing Off For Woman (Video)

An overconfident driver trying to show off for a beautiful woman ended up crashing his $1 million Porsche 918 Spyder into a tree, and the entire thing was caught on camera (video below).

Footage of the man in his car is quickly going viral, and in it, the guy is seen sitting in the driver’s seat of the luxury car with a beautiful blond woman next to him. The incident reportedly happened in Saint-Tropez, France, and while it appears the guy is trying to show off, his ego clearly gets in the way when he suddenly crashes the vehicle.

The man appears to press on the gas, and unexpectedly, he goes flying across the parking lot, almost hitting another person, and crashes into a tree. The situation itself is embarrassing, but the fact that he wrecked such an expensive car adds a whole new layer of cringe-worthiness.

Although he’s facing an expensive insurance claim, the driver was able to laugh at himself and the situation.

Take a look at the viral footage below.

Sources: Mirror.co.uk, Jalopnik

Photo credit: Screenshot via Mirror


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