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Driver Causes Accident On Highway, Pulls Over Only To Remove Tag Before Fleeing (Video)

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Dash-cam footage captured the moment a driver caused an accident and then pulled to the shoulder, only to remove his tag and flee the scene immediately.

The footage (video below), posted by the driver of the car with the dash-cam, was shared on Reddit and garnered more than 80,000 views.

“I was headed home from work in rush-hour traffic (why we are going 30mph on interstate). This guy was over on the shoulder kind of slowly rolling. When I approached, he randomly came over and slammed on his brakes. I had about 2 seconds to come to a complete stop, but that didn't happen. You can hear the people behind me screeching their tires, too,” Redditor Prodoubt — the driver who was hit — said.

The poster said that after the two cars collided, the truck that caused the accident pulled over to the shoulder and the driver sat for a moment before getting out and removing his tag. He then got back in the truck and drove away. According to the driver, police officers responded to the incident and filed a report, but “did not care even after being provided the video.”

“I ended up filing a claim through my own insurance so I could get my car fixed. It took almost a month, but they finally found the guy,” he said. “It turns out it was a company truck and it took just 3 days of subrogation for the other party's insurance to accept 100% fault and pay out damages and deductible. My agent said it was the fastest subrogation he has ever dealt with and said without the dash-cam, I would have been boned.”

Watch the incident unfold below. Do you think more drivers should have dash-cams to aid in situations like this?

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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