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Driver Called Out For Bad Parking Job In An Amazing Way (Photo)

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A driver was called out for his bad parking job in the most amazing of ways. 

A photo posted to Imgur captured the straightforward message, written by an unidentified fellow driver seemingly frustrated with particularly inconsiderate parking done by the driver of a red Toyota Camry with New Jersey license plates. In the photo, the Camry was seen parked over the yellow line that separated two spots in a parking lot outside of what appeared to be a mall.

Surrounding the car, lines were drawn in chalk to call attention to the Camry, with the phrase “Douchebag Parking” written in large letters and in plain sight. The caption alongside the photo read simply, “Whoever did this, I commend you.”

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“Willing to bet that the owner will take one look at the chalk drawing, roll their eyes and say "some people are jerks". Someone this inconsiderate can't be shamed, they don't ever think they're in the wrong,” Redditor Codifier wrote in response.

“I like to believe that it was drawn before they parked there,” another Redditor quipped. “Excellent reason to bring chalk everywhere,” NoRagrets546 added.

Do you think the driver of the Camry deserved to be called out for the botched parking job?

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: Imgur


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