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Watch: Two College Students Surprise Coffee Shop Employee With Trip To Disney World (Video)

Two college students in North Carolina made a campus coffee shop employee’s dreams come true after they raised enough money to send her and her family to Disney World (video below).

Freshman Lucy Smith-Williams and junior Taylor Zisholtz stopped by Acorn Coffee Shop on the Elon University campus one night and chatted with employee Kathryn Thompson, Elon Local News reported.

Thompson, who has been working at the shop for more than 10 years, mentioned that it was always her life-long dream to take her family to Disney World. After seeing how hard Thompson works, Smith-Williams and Zisholtz decided they wanted to help make that wish come true.

“I really took to her warmth, and I’ve seen her here a lot and she’s always in here,” Zisholtz told Elon Local News.

“Just from talking to her, she was very invested in where we were from, what we were doing and when she said ‘it’s my dream,’" she added. "I thought well there’s 6,000 people here with at least a dollar. We could probably make this happen.”

The two students created a GoFundMe page and raised a total of $6,500. A special donation of $1,000 came from a GoFundMe employee.

“I called GoFundMe and they said it’s kind of like their employee of the month gets to choose a cause to donate to,” Zisholtz said. “We were lucky enough that he chose us.”

Zisholtz and Smith-Williams revealed their surprise to Thompson and her reaction was caught on video.

“Are you serious?!” Thompson says in the video, as she wipes away tears of happiness. “It’s a dream come true!”

Thompson, who had no clue about the surprise fundraiser, told Elon’s campus newspaper The Pendulum that she’s excited to take her family to the "happiest place in the Earth."

“To see my grandson’s eyes light up when he sees Mickey,” she said. “I hope he won’t be scared of him.”

Sources: Elon Local News, Fox 8 / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Jackie Pascale/Elon Local News


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