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Doree The St. Bernard Saves Oklahoma Family From Natural Gas Leak (Video)

An Oklahoma family is lucky to be alive after their Saint Bernard dog woke them up in the middle of the night to alert them to a natural gas leak.

Jack Damrill, of Oklahoma City, was woken up by their 160-pound Saint Bernard’s barking and whimpering, but thought she just wanted some attention.

"Probably about 2 o'clock in the morning Doree started whining, or had been whining, for a little while," Damrill told KOCO (video below). "Kind of pacing around the bed.”

Doree refused to calm down or let Damrill, who works as a public information officer for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, go back to sleep, according to UPI.

So she continued to bark, and, with a little help from her cat friends, got their owner out of bed, according to Liftbump.

“She continued to whine a little bit. The cats were meowing at the same time," Damrill said. "Looking back on it, I remember the cats meowing very loud.”

It turned out that one of their stove burners had been left on low, leaking natural gas around their home all night. Damrill was finally able to smell the gas, thanks to his persistent pets.

He immediately called firefighters, who aired out the home.

“The firefighters were talking and they said, ‘Well, the worst-case scenario is your house could have been ended up in match boxes across the street. Which means, it would have blown up," he said.

Damrill credited Doree the Saint Bernard for saving his family from a potential disaster.

"I think we're going to buy a big old steak for her because she likes food, and I think she deserved a steak tonight, no doubt about it," he said.

Sources: Liftbump, UPI / Photo Credit: Screenshots via KOCO 5 News/YouTube


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