iPhone Users Fall Victim To New Scam


Beware, iPhone users. Experts are warning of a phishing scam targeting users by asking for personal information under the guise of Apple Support.

Victims of the scam have reported receiving unsolicited text messages from a number claiming to be Apple Support. The text message asks users to renew their Apple ID by entering personal information such as their email address and Apple ID password, as well as credit card information.

The scam was first pointed out by The Independent, which warned that users should ignore any similar messages asking for information.

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The scam is mostly targeting user in the UK, but all users who receive suspicious messages should avoid clicking on the link and giving away any information, Mashable reports.

Apple has not commented on the scam, though its website warns against similar scams and says it will generally not contact users via text.

The company warns that users should be careful about visiting websites in phishing scams like this, as the sites are usually made to look real.

Sources: MashableThe Independent / Photo Credit: Mashable

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