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Trump Jr.'s Response To London Terrorism Sparks Backlash

Hours after four people died in a terrorist attack at London's House of Parliament, Donald Trump Jr. launched criticism at the city's mayor, Sadiq Khan, landing the American in a controversy of his own.

"You have to be kidding me?!" Trump Jr. tweeted, linking to and quoting the headline of a 2016 interview with Khan: "Terror attacks are part of living in big city, says London Mayor Sadiq Khan."

Trump's tweet came during a time when details about the incident were still unfolding live, notes The New York Times. This angered many Londoners.

"You use a terrorist attack on our city to attack London's Mayor for your own political gain," replied Wes Streeting, a member of Parliament. "You're a disgrace."

Others said that he was mischaracterizing the mayor's words.

"Is this helpful [Donald Trump Jr.?" tweeted the UK's Channel Four News correspondent, Ciaran Jenkins. "Did you even read the article before goading London's Mayor during a live incident?"

Though some people called for Trump Jr. to remove the tweet, many stood by it.

"Trump Jr. Isn't obligated to delete this, he can share his views like any other American, sorry," wrote one Twitter user.

The American president's son showed no signs of remorse, saying in an email to The New York Times, "I'm not going to comment on every tweet I send."

In the interview Trump linked to, Khan discusses his reaction to a bombing that had occurred in New York City and stated that these attacks are everyone's worst nightmare but being prepared for the threat of a worst-case scenario is "part and parcel of living in a great global city."

"Nothing is more important to me than keeping Londoners safe," Khan said in the September article on The Independent, to which Trump Jr. linked. "I want to be reassured that every single agency and individual involved in protecting our city has the resources and expertise they need to respond in the event that London is attacked."

The major went on to say that violent extremists are "evolving their tactics," so he is working to ensure that the city residents "are as safe as we can be" in response.

Khan responded to the March 22 terrorist attacks promptly, expressing sympathy and gratitude to his city and saying that "Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism," according to The Guardian.

"I want to reassure all Londoners and all our visitors not to be alarmed," said Khan. "Our city remains one of the safest in the world. London is the greatest city in the world. And we stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life. We always have and we always will."

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