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Donald Trump Jr. Defends Against Twitter Mockery (Photo)


Donald Trump Jr. responded to the internet mockery about a photo of his father, President Donald Trump, that depicted him as a relaxed "everyman."

The photo shows Trump Jr. dressed down in outdoor-type attire, sporting a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and hiking boots. He sits on a tree stump and stares off into the distance, and Twitter was rife with commentary.

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The photo surfaced in a New York Times feature article about Trump Jr., which described him as a man cut from a slightly different cloth than his father and siblings. He avoids the benefits and galas, preferring to stay at work during the week and spend time in the Catskills on weekends. He is a member of the NRA and identifies more with his father's blue-collar voter base than does his tactful sister, Ivanka Trump.

Trump Jr. also mentioned how even he fell prey to common young-adult mistakes. He was jailed for 11 hours after being arrested on drunk and disorderly charges at a Mardi Gras parade in 2001.

"I know that the benefits I got from being in the woods, from being in a duck blind, from being in a tree stand at 5 o’clock in the morning -- kept me out of so much other trouble I would have gotten into in my life," he said in a 2016 speech in Utah. Trump Jr. also mentioned he no longer drinks.

"If I could miracle myself away,” he said, “I would live out West." Trump also mentioned in The Times feature that many of his friendships were cultivated through outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, activities that do not appeal to his father, who greatly prefers golf.

But the photo perhaps did not capture the Western ideal Trump Jr. was seeking, as commenters were quick to point out clothes he was wearing looked remarkably clean and unscuffed for a man who would spend hours outside, notes Inquisitr.

"It's Donald Trump Jr. trying to look like an outdoorsy, everyman," wrote one user on Twitter. "Then you look at those brand new boots that have never been worn before."

"Don. Jr having a relaxed, natural moment with his brand-new boots," wrote another.

"[That feel when] you want to look rugged ... but your footwear literally just came out of the box."

Another meme began circulating showing Trump Jr. in a myriad of awkward -- and likely forced -- sitting poses. The caption read, "how is he so bad at sitting?"

The meme eventually reached Trump Jr. himself, and he re-posted it to his own Instagram page.

"Apparently I'm really bad at sitting?!?! Based on the memes out there I now know what it feels like to be Salt Bae! Thanks internet... And in all honesty if a couple bad pics is all you've got I'm pretty psyched," he wrote. "Salt Bae" was a popular meme depicting a Turkish chef delicately sprinkling salt on a steak.

Sources: Inquisitr, The New York Times / Photo credit: The New York Times

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