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Trump Jr. Criticized For Socialism Post On Halloween (Photos)

Trump Jr. Criticized For Socialism Post On Halloween (Photos) Promo Image

First son Donald Trump Jr. received some criticism for a Halloween Twitter remark.

On Halloween night, Trump Jr. tweeted a photo of his daughter Chloe, decked out in a police officer costume and holding up a bucket of candy, the Daily Mail reports.

In the accompanying caption, he took the opportunity to sarcastically scoff at the notion of sharing.

"I'm going to take half of Chloe's candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home," he wrote. "It's never to early to teach her about socialism."

One Twitter user pointed out that Trump Jr. didn't exactly get wealthy on his own. "Man who inherited money from his father, has lessons on making it on your own."

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Another Twitter user's response drew an analogy between President Donald Trump's campaign promises to his loyal supporters.

"You should promise her something to make you look good, but give her nothing anyway," he wrote. "Never too early to teach her about the Trump Organization."

Others on Twitter focused instead on his grammar, noting that the third "to" should be spelled "too."

One Twitter user asked: "What if the other kid was at home studying the difference between 'to' and 'too' rather than collecting free candy?"

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Instead of choosing a typical Halloween costume like a devil or a ghost, Trump Jr. wore a Donald Trump Sr. mask and a stars-and-stripes spandex body suit.

He posed for an Instagram slideshow with four of his children before they went out trick-or-treating on Manhattan's Upper East Side. 

Accompanying daughter Chloe in her police costume were sons Tristan and Spenser, who were dressed up as soldiers. His daughter Kai's costume was ambiguous, consisting of a yellow hat, a yellow T-shirt over a pink polo, and a cape. Donald Trump III and Vanessa, Trump Jr.'s wife, did not appear in the photo.

The caption reads: "Taking it to the next level #merica #maga #halloween #costume #nyc #kids #trump." 

Shortly after his children had chosen their Halloween costumes, he wrote on Instagram: "Kids have their costumes ready. So cute and it's nice to see they respect law enforcement and the military already."

He also managed to come up with a witty tweet regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Halloween costume choice.

In an Oct. 30 interview with NBC News, Clinton mentioned that she would be dressed as "the president" for Halloween.

To which Trump Jr. replied: "That's cute. She can borrow my [Donald J. Trump] mask."

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC News / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Donald Trump Jr./Instagram via Daily Mail

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