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Don Cheadle Accuses President Trump Of Using 'N-Word'

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Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle unleashed a series of tweets claiming President Donald Trump used the N-word among unfamiliar company during a golf tournament years ago. 

Cheadle made the claim through Twitter on March 4 in response to a self-proclaimed fan who tweeted at the actor that he'd had hated Trump since "way before treason," in reference to a discussion about alleged Russian interference in the U.S. elections.

"Hated him since he asked my friend's father at a Doral pro-am if he'd ever "f***ed a n*****..." Did it for me," Cheadle tweeted.

The actor went on to explain in a series tweets and replies that Trump allegedly made the statements years ago to the father of one of Cheadle's friends, whom he has decided not to name. He said it happened only moments after meeting the friend's father for the first time as they were about to tee off during a pro-am tournament at Trump's Doral golf course in Florida.

"They were in a 4ball together," Cheadle explained, "The Donald thought they were all 'like-minded.' Mistook their shock for disgust."

"He went on to clarify, 'No, no, it's great!' and some more stuff before they just teed off in silence," Cheadle added.

Some Twitter users expressed skepticism of Cheadle's story, a few suggesting that any public figure would receive massive backlash for using a racial slur in public, whether or not he was a candidate for president at the time. 

Others expressed frustration that Cheadle had not shared the story sooner in an effort to prevent Trump's election to office. Cheadle clarified that he didn't know about the story until after the election, adding that he didn't believe it would have made any remarkable difference in the outcome of the election. 

"Many already know this to be in his nature. It's not hidden. And those who can't see it, might never. The story would have changed little," Cheadle wrote, reports People. 

One user told Cheadle that such language seemed a valid reason to put a person on one's "s**t list." 

"Go ahead and put him there for ALL of us," The actor replied. "And consider the kind of person who would so glibly and irreverently spout that to [a total] stranger."

Trump has not responded to Cheadle's accusations.

Sources: Don Cheadle/Twitter (2345), People / Photo credit: Bob Bekian/Flickr

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