2 Dogs Lose Everything, Become Inseparable (Photos)


When two dogs were ousted from their home and into a shelter, they stunned workers with their profound bond. Mismatched by size, they formed an irresistibly adorable odd couple who delighted in cuddles.

The petite CC and the towering Chewbacca were enjoying a comfortable life together when their family welcomed a new baby who was allergic to their fur. Forced to decide between their pets and their child, the dogs' owners gave them up to the Animal Rescue League in Iowa, Shareably reports.

Dogs who have lived in a home for years can become despondent when their owners relinquish them, sometimes even falling into serious depression and refusing to eat or play. Luckily, CC and Chewbacca had their own special bond and found comfort in constantly cuddling.

Staff at the shelter were instantly charmed by the dynamic between the two dogs. CC would constantly rest his tiny body on Chewbacca like a parrot perching on a man's shoulder.

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Chewbacca seemed to love having his little buddy perch himself atop his shaggy frame. Whenever staff would check on the two dogs, they would find CC cuddling atop the larger dog.

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"Pretty much every time we walk by their kennel, CC is either sitting on Chewy or draped over him or curled up against him," Animal Rescue League of Iowa spokesperson Jessica Jorgenson told The Dodo.

Jorgenson added that Chewbacca "doesn't mind at all. They both like being close to each other."

When CC wasn't sitting atop Chewbacca's back, he could often be found resting his head on his buddy's side.

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The two canines have such a close connection that they even trot in step with one another during walks.

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Shelter worker Heather Davis decided to one day take the two furry friends out for a "dog day out."

In a photo that Davis posted to social media, both CC and Chewbacca looked thrilled to be sitting in the back of Davis' car, driving off to stretch their legs and play.

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"We took them out ... and they are SUCH good dogs," Davis wrote on Facebook. "Great manners in the house while walking on leashes, they didn't bark, they were friendly with everyone they met, and they loved cuddling with humans, too!"

The two canine best friends were eventually adopted by a loving family and now live in a home populated by two other pooches and three domesticated pigs.

"We're so happy for them," Jorgenson told "Inside Edition."

Sources: The Dodo, Heather Davis/FacebookInside EditionShareably / Photo Credit: Animal Rescue League of Iowa/Facebook

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