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Dog's Reaction To Going To The Vet Is Priceless

A dog apparently thought he was going to the dog park with his owner, but upon realizing they were actually going to the vet, his reaction was so good that it’s now gone viral.

Reddit user, firemike28, posted the picture of his dog’s face as he realized they were going to the vet.

“The moment he realized we went past the dog park and we're on the way to the vet,” firemike28 posted along with the picture.

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The picture shows three different moments during the car ride; the first is of the dog’s face as they’re making their way to their destination, the second is presumably as they are passing the dog park, and the third is most likely the moment that the dog realizes they aren’t going where he wants to go.

“Hey you missed the do... oh,” one Reddit user imagined the dog was thinking.

Take a look at this dog’s hilarious reaction here.

Source: Reddit / Photo Source: Imgur


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