Pit Bull Will Do Whatever It Takes For Some Food (Video)


When a couple encountered a friendly pit bull starved for attention, they happily engaged with the personable pup. Little did they know, the dog was also just plain hungry (video below).

A man and woman were sitting in their parked car when a black pit bull trotted up, doe-eyed and flashing a toothy grin. Clearly just eager for affection, the pooch rested its paws on their car door, looking for a scratch behind the ears, Shareably reports.

With his window rolled down, the man obliged by petting the sweet pit bull, endeared by its excited demeanor. Stroking its fur, the man remarked that the dog was wet, the condensation on his rearview mirror indicating that it had just freshly rained.

The canine was wearing a blue collar, but no identification tag; the couple presumed the owner must have lived in the neighborhood. While the dog's identity remained a mystery, the man and woman were charmed with its friendly disposition.

Then the man said the magic words.

"You want something to eat?" he asked the pit bull.

Right on cue, as if receiving the invitation that it had been waiting for the entire time, the dog latched its powerful paws onto the window and raised itself up into the car.

The couple, understandably startled, began to panic. Screaming excitedly, they did not know how to react as the pit bull launched itself into their car. As the pooch helped itself in, they decided in the moment to let themselves out.

Exiting the car, the man and woman broke out into relieved laughter. Turning a camera towards the inside of his vehicle, the man found the pit bull sitting comfortably in the backseat, looking at him sheepishly and wondering where the food is.

The man can be heard in the video chuckling uncontrollably before exclaiming, "This dog!"

The adorable misunderstanding cuts through the often apprehensive cultural attitude towards pit bulls. The majority of Americans view the dog breed cautiously, their fears fueled by news reports of devastating dog attacks.

In July 2014, a YouGov poll found that only 31 percent of national adults would consider adopting a pit bull, while 50 percent would not. 39 percent of respondents said that pit bull breeds were safe to live in residential neighborhoods, while 40 percent believed that they were too dangerous.

The survey also found that, while 50 percent of respondents understood that some pit bulls are dangerous because they were poorly socialized by ther irresponsible owners, 38 percent believed that they were naturally more aggressive than other breeds.

Behavior program manager Natalie Zielinski of Wisconsin Humane Society finds it harmful that such a sizable portion of the public believes that pit bulls are inherently dangerous.

"It certainly concerns us that people have misconceptions," Zielinski told The Journal Times. "I don't think we have any reason or any research to say that (pit bulls) have the ability to be more aggressive or aggressive."

The outgoing pit bull who invited himself into the couple's demonstrates that pit bulls can be immensely charming, if a tad over eager.

Sources: The Journal TimesShareably, YouGov / Photo Credit: Martha Garvey/Flickr

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