Dog Tries To Save Lobster From The Boiling Pot (Video)


The Internet is filled with countless stories of interspecies friendships, but a video (below) of a German shepherd trying to protect a lobster from the boiling pot on Thanksgiving is making hearts melt like butter.

According to Sami the dog’s owners, she has always had a protective streak, reported Daily Mail. “I've seen it with babies, kittens, even my pet snake,” they wrote in the video’s description. Though Sami has never had puppies, she took the lobster under her care like it was her own.

When Sami was asked to give back the lobster, whose claws were in rubber bands, she whined and covered the crustacean with her head and paws. Though her family laughed, Sami cried and licked the lobster. 

Her family eventually had the lobster for dinner, but they have since adopted another puppy named Gunny. Sami and Gunny are reportedly inseparable.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

Image via Daily Mail


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