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Dog Doesn't Want to Leave Dog Park, Throws Tantrum (Video)

A viral video (below) of a hilariously vocal husky throwing a fit when it's time to leave the dog park is capturing hearts online.

If you've ever taken your pup to the dog park, you probably know that the gated leash-free zone is a Disneyland for dogs. They get to sniff around, play, make new friends and explore to their heart's content until it's time to go.

But a lot of the time, even the shy dogs don't want to leave, and some will even try to run away  when you take out the leash and call them over to the gate.

That's what happened when one dog owner decided it was time to go, but her husky had other plans.

In the video, uploaded in 2013, the pup stands in the middle of the dog park, while her owner calls to her from the gate. The distressed husky throws a tantrum and cries loudly when when her owner tries to call her over.

If you listen closely, it almost sounds like the dog is howling "Noooo! Noooo!" over and over, so somebody decided to caption the video with the expressive dog's cries.

"Nooooo!" read the captions of the husky howling. "I don't wanna, Momma!"

Her owner calls her again, saying, "Come on, let's go!"

Again, the dog will not stand for this and lets out a loud whine, which, according to the subtitles, translates to, "Why don't you go home, lady!"

"She's just complaining, complaining, complaining," her owner says.

Eventually, a group of dogs and owners walk toward the gate, and the husky follows.

During this ordeal, the husky's owner said that she takes her dog to the park every day, so it's possible the dog throws this vocal tantrum every single time she's supposed to go home, reports Shareably.

The viral video has garnered more than 8 million views in four years.

"They are really quite an intelligent and vocal breed," one person commented. "So cute. "

Another joked that they were "so glad [the uploader] managed to find a certified Husky translator to do the captions for this video," or else they would have been "completely confused as to what was going on."

Huskies are known for being outgoing and gregarious, and they can even be goofy troublemakers at times, due to their nearly limitless energy, according to the American Kennel Club, it's hardly a surprise to see this dog objecting to the notion of going home.

Sources: Shareably, YouTube, American Kennel Club / Photo credit: Monika/Pixabay

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