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Dog Stuns Owner By Saying 'Mama' When Looking For Food (Video)

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A dog was captured on video (below) saying “mama” in an attempt to be fed by its owner.

In the video, Andrea Diaz-Giovanini is heard trying to get her 9-month-old baby Samuel to say “mama” by using food as an incentive. Numerous attempts are unsuccessful, with Samuel instead gazing around the room without addressing his mother.

Diaz-Giovanini’s dog, Patches, can be seen standing next to Samuel while the mother holds a fork full of food in front of the camera.

Suddenly, Patches begins to speak up and manages to say the word “mama” articulately. Shocked, Diaz-Giovanini bursts out laughing as Samuel reaches out his hand and puts it over Patches’ mouth in an attempt to get the dog to stop talking.

“That week he (Samuel) had been saying 'dada' a lot and so we were trying really hard to coax him to say mama,” Diaz-Giovanni said. 

The video, though originally posted online in February, recently went viral, garnering over a million views on the family’s YouTube channel. 

“That dog deserves more than just that bite of food after that!!” one viewer wrote.

“Aww, your fur baby's first words! Should have given him the food, then taught him a few more. Smart sweet little thing,” another added.

Watch the hilarious moment below.

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