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Family Finds Their Dog At Shelter Only To Reject Her (Video)

A heartbreaking scene at a California animal shelter has social media buzzing (video below).

A German shepherd mix ended up at the Downey Animal Care Center after she escaped from her yard and was picked up as a stray.

Video taken by shelter staff member Desi Lara captures the dog’s happy reaction when her owners came to the shelter. They can be seen petting her through the fence, with the dog’s tail wagging, clearly anticipating being reunited with her family and going back home.

However, much to the shelter staff’s amazement, it turns out that the owners were there to adopt a different dog.  

“She looked like the happiest dog. Yeah, she's going home,” wrote Lara on Facebook. “But no. Talking to her owners they told me they were not here to reclaim her, they were getting another dog.”

According to Lara, the family didn’t want their dog anymore because it had been depressed lately. “Their solutions for her unhappiness was just leaving her here! And go get another dog,” she wrote.

After the video was posted on social media, the outcry from the public was immediate.

One person posted: “I sure hope like everyone else is saying that this shelter didn't adopt out another dog to them as**hole owners, because if they did they are totally irresponsible a**holes too!!! I can't even watch this video because I will be even more livid and upset....”

Another simply wrote: “B*******!!!”

On Facebook, there have been numerous message from people offering to adopt the dog. According to the shelter, a rescue group will serve as her foster home until a permanent, loving family can be found.

In the meantime, the folks at the Downey Animal Care Center have named the dog Zuzu, after the little girl in the classic movie “It's a Wonderful Life.” “We are going to post, tag and share her and give her a new life. A wonderful life!” Lara explained.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Shelter Me via Daily Mail

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