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Dog Can't Wait To Jump In New Pool (Video)

Few things are more delightful than seeing a truly happy dog overwhelmed with excitement when presented with their favorite thing, and an adorable video (below) of a West Highland Terrier's joy as she leaps into a pool is proof of that.

Christy, the little fluffy white dog in question, and her family moved to a new home in Florida shortly before the footage was captured, according to Shareably. Between the unsettling aspect of leaving their favorite spots, the stress that they see their family coping with and the inability to understand what exactly is going on, moving homes can be rough on any dog, no matter how well adjusted they are, especially considering how much pups thrive on having their routines.

It's no surprise that Christy was less than thrilled to move to the new Florida home with her family, but as soon as she arrived, she adjusted quickly enough after finding something at the new house that she was overjoyed to have: a swimming pool.

It turns out, swimming is one of Christy's very favorite activities, and the video clip captures just how excited the pup was to get a running start and jump in the water.

"Chris, is that your pool?" says the man behind the camera, as Christy stands in front of the sliding glass door, wagging her tail and whining. "It is? Do you want to go swimming? You do? How bad?"

As the dog owner asks these questions, Christy gets more and more excited and starts jumping on the door.

The second he lets her out, the nimble Westie bolts outside and launches herself into the pool, flying several feet before making a splash and going for a swim.

Christy might have even gotten a little too excited and coughs up a bit of water while she paddles around, but she doesn't let it stop her. She climbs up the stairs and out of the pool, only to head right back in.

Like most other terriers, Scottish-bred Westies are not exactly known for loving to swim the way that some "water dogs" like Labradors and Golden Retrievers might, notes Dog Time. As such, it's recommended that if you do have a terrier like Christy, you supervise them when they swim, just because the sometimes hyperactive dogs aren't always as strong of swimmers as other breeds. Fortunately, if your Westie is as ecstatic as Christy is to hop in the pool, it will be pretty hard to peel your eyes away from such a happy pup.

Sources: Shareably, Dog Time / Photo Credit: Max Pixel

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