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Dog Retirement Home Cares For Sick, Elderly Canines (Video)

The House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary is a retirement home for almost two dozen older dogs whose owners have passed away, can't care for them anymore or abandoned them (video below).

Some of the dogs suffer from incontinence, hearts problems or respiratory illnesses, but they receive medication and care from volunteers led by Sher Polvinale in Gaithersburg, Maryland, reports National Geographic.

Dogs that cannot walk are given wheel carts so they can run around with their buddies.

According to the House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary, Polvinale and her late husband created the pet retirement home inside their house in 2006. It's only for dogs and cats who are in their last years because those animals have less chance of being adopted.

Sources: National Geographic via YouTube, House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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