Dog Rescued Just One Hour Before Euthanasia (Video)


When a shaggy dog was brought into an animal shelter, her behavioral difficulties made her a prime candidate to be put down.

However, with the intervention of a kind animal rescuer, she revealed her genuinely sweet nature and was given a reprieve and eventually a loving home (video below).

Edie was a mess when she was brought to a Lancaster, California animal shelter. Her fur matted and discolored, she launched into a fit whenever staff approached her, yelping and thrashing around. The dog's frenzied demeanor was deeply unfortunate because she happened to be at a high-kill shelter, according to Shareably.

After 15 days of exhibiting hostility at the shelter, the distressed pooch was deemed to be too aggressive for any adoption applicants and was scheduled for euthanasia.

When foster dog owner Bronwyne Mirkovich saw Edie, her heart broke for the dog and she resolved to get her help. She contacted Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, to see if he could sort the canine out.

Hope for Paws is an animal rescue group dedicated to finding and aiding high-risk strays or abandoned dogs, going so far as to cover their medical costs.

"We are made aware of [t]hese animals in dire need by concerned citizens or by other rescues who ask us to save the animal and in return, they foster and find the permanent loving home for the pet once it is healed," the group states on their official Facebook page.

When Hagar arrived at the veterinary clinic, he sat down with Edie just an hour before she was to be put down. When he tried to engage with the dog, she cowered in the corner and barked with desperation. He could sense that she was terrified.

Edie began to whine out in a tortured mewling, as if she was sobbing.

Situating the panicked dog on his lap, Hagar began to soothingly pet her. Edie's apprehension quickly melted away and she became a sweet pup receptive to tender care. She even began to wag her tail.

To fix Edie's ruined coat, they gave her a full-body shave. Sleek and clean, the rescued pooch writhed around in happiness while Hagar played with her.

Mirkovich took it from there, fostering Edie and eventually finding her a permanent home in San Marino, California, The Animal Rescue Site reports. 

The dog, who had been designated for euthanasia because she was deemed to hostile, was blissfully happy in her new owner's arms.

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A few months later, her coat had grown back and she was restored as a happy, healthy canine.

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Roughly 670,000 dogs are euthanized at animal shelters per year. The overall number has declined over the past five years largely due to an increase in animal adoptions, according to ASPCA.

"There is such an important lesson in this video, it shows how quickly even busy shelter workers can help the terrified dogs," Hope for Paws said of Edie's story in a Facebook post. "We want people not to be afraid of these dogs at the shelter because usually, all they need is a hug."

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