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Watch How This Dog Reacts When Her Owner Turns On A Hair Dryer (Video)

When a toy poodle encountered his owner blowing a hair dryer near the owner’s daughter, the dog rushed to the baby’s defense.

The adorable event can be seen in a video (below) that has gone viral.

Although the clip was uploaded to YouTube in February 2013, the video has been making the rounds, and only went viral recently, Daily Mail reports. In the video, a dog named Eekichi can be seen lying next to her owner’s infant daughter on a pink blanket.

The little girl’s father then plugs in a dog grooming blow dryer, which Eekichi reacts to by protecting the little girl. While the infant seems unfazed by the blow dryer, the pup clearly has its hesitations.

The dog finally begins to hover over the infant with its paws on the girl’s stomach in protection.

“Why are you protecting your sister from the air?” the dog’s owner asks.

Finally, the dog’s owner turns the blow dryer off.

“You can actually stop protecting her, the storm already passed,” he says.

Eekichi finally moves away from the infant’s side and takes a scratch on the head from her owner.

The video has been viewed over 8.5 million times.

Sources: Rare, Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube 


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