Dog Thrown Out Of Speeding Car Makes Amazing Recovery (Video)

Buddy the dog is capturing the hearts of thousands of people for making a miraculous recovery after somebody threw the poor pup out of a speeding car onto the highway (video below).

The incident came as a shock for one driver who witnessed someone throw a mass out of their vehicle. When they looked closer at the mass, they realized to their horror that the fluffy shape was a live dog, reports Shareably.

Fortunately for Buddy, the driver quickly pulled over, risky though it can be on the highway, and was able to grab the pup from the road and rush him to a nearby animal hospital.

Buddy was traumatized and in pain, though his rescuer sent the dog to Viktor Larkhill's Let's Adopt rescue for animals with severe injuries who need extreme measures to save their lives. When he first went in, he was reportedly in horrible shape. His long hair was matted with blood, and he was covered in scratches and wounds. The video shows him lying down and shaking.

Veterinarians did everything they could for the dog, who made a full recovery in just six weeks. 

Buddy could walk, run, jump and play just like any other dog his age.

Dog abandonment is sadly a hugely prevalent problem in the U.S. Of the approximately 7 million dogs and cats that go into shelters every year, it is believed that half have been abandoned, notes The Animal Rescue Site. Though it's impossible to know the details of most of these cases, experts say that the main reasons why people abandon their pets is because they don't want to or are unable to care for them, or they aren't allowed to have animals where they live.

Only 15 to 20 percent of dogs in shelters are returned to their original owners, a National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) study found, according to The Animal Rescue Site.

Sadly, many of these stories do not end well: an estimated 2.7 million of those pets abandoned in overcrowded shelters across the country are put down, while the others are given a chance for new beginnings.

Buddy's story couldn't have more of a fairytale ending for the lucky dog with a rough start. After he recovered from his injuries, a loving family took Buddy in, according to Shareably.

Hopefully, they are spoiling him to his heart's content. He deserves it.

Sources: Shareably, The Animal Rescue Site, Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue / Photo credit: The U.S. Army/Flickr

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