Dog Living In Shoebox In Front Of Home Up For Adoption


A three-legged dog has been rescued from living in a shoebox in front of somebody's home.

Hope for Paws is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that rescues homeless animals and provides them temporary homes, according to The Dodo. Organization volunteers received a text message from an anonymous source letting them know that a dog was in trouble. 

"Hello, just wondering if you could help this stray dog," the message read. "She's been living in front of this one house for the past five months. I thought that she belonged to [the] homeowners but I asked and they said no."

When volunteers arrived on scene, the dog was calmly sitting in its shoebox. Rescuers slowly approached and carefully placed a leash around the animal's neck. The pup remained calm, but was watching the situation carefully. She didn't bark or cry and accepted the rescuers' help.

Volunteers spoke to the homeowner, who said that the dog -- who he'd named Princess -- had been living in the shoebox for two weeks. He had been feeding her, but did not bring her inside.

Princess was then transported to the vet, where she was given a bath and a warm bed. After a thorough check-up, the vet found that Princess was suffering from severe anemia, a condition resulting in the massive loss of red blood cells.

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body and are thus essential for survival. Vet Street reports that anemia in dogs commonly occurs as a result of external or internal bleeding from an injury. Common symptoms of anemia in dogs include exhaustion, difficulty exercising, decreased appetite and pale gums. The condition is considered life-threatening. Given the extent of Princess' condition, if rescuers did not arrive when they did, she would have most likely died.

Luckily, Princess is on the mend and is expected to make a full recovery. The Dodo reports that she is still a very calm and subdued dog who enjoys being held. While she is being held at Smooch Pooch Rescue, volunteers are trying to find her a good home.

Those interested in adopting Princess are advised to contact Smooch Pooch Rescue. According to its website, she is currently listed as "Princess Ruby." The website also notes that she cannot be adopted out of the Southern California area.

Hope for Paws hopes that by sharing her story on social media, Princess will be able to find a home.

"Please help her find this home by SHARING (not just liking) this video [of Princess' rescue]," Hope for Paws posted on its Facebook page. "[T]his is the only way for us to get to A LOT of people and to find her the amazing home she deserves."

Sources: The Dodo, Vet Street, Smooch Pooch Rescue, Hope for Paws/Facebook / Photo Credit: Hope for Paws via The Dodo

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